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Roxane Lebrun

Founder and General Director

Based in Cape Town since 2009, it’s after establishing Ekima Afrika Travel that VillaOCap came into my mind.

Entrepreneur and concerned about offering you the best qualitative service wherever you are, my passion for travelling and all the experiences encountered during years on the field enabled me to develop those two beautiful projects today. An exciting adventure that I’ll be delighted to share with you during your stay with us in Cape Town. See you soon!

Bianca Classen


I’m just a simple girl born and raised in Cape Town, you know the shy type. Hahaha joking. I am FUN loving and super bubbly. They don’t call me the sunshine of the team for nothing. And always full of smiles.

I’ve always been a people’s person and therefore always been in the hospitality industry. From being a hostess in a restaurant, and now to hosting and planning holidays in our amazing houses. I do not see myself in anything other than in the tourism industry.

Céline Charles

Communication Manager

After working in the Marketing and Communication industry within different sectors, my curiosity took over and I decided to leave France. I listened to this little internal voice whispering me to take a chance on the African continent.

Since I arrived in Cape Town in October 2013, not a day goes by where I don’t discover something new. A cosmopolitan city that I like to call the “New York” of South Africa. The opportunities and ambiance is similar but here you’ve got a turquoise ocean and the mountain in one single place!

My job in VillaOCap is to share with you the vibrant life of the Mother City! Discoveries, encounters, crushes, team lives, best locations and current events… Let’s meet on the blog and on our social networks to stay tuned before, during and after your stay!